Lessons from A-Rod

• On November 10th, the Marine Corps celebrates its 248th birthday. If you know a Marine, make sure to wish them Happy Birthday! Alex Rodriguez (“A=Rod”) is a former professional baseball player and highly successful businessman. • A-Rod considers himself 90% student and 10% mentor, emphasizing the importance of life-long learning. • Reading and mentoring are two powerful sources for learning; don't wait for people to offer themselves as mentors, seek one out and build a lasting relationship. • A-Rod has outlined a morning routine followed by gym time as part of his success formula. It is important to have rituals or routines in order to make the day more productive. • The old jarhead encourages listeners to check out his podcasts for more advice on reading and mentoring, as well as his book ‘Find a Job That Fits Your Life’ found on Amazon and other distributors.

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