2023 Wrap-Up

  Dennis Guzik discussed defining small successes and focusing on achievable goals to measure progress. ·        Doing what you love is not enough; one must also be good at it and ensure there is a market for it. ·        Admitting what you do not know and seeking information is better than bluffing. ·        Sharing information with others strengthens teams and prevents problems caused by withholding critical details. ·        Plans should be suitable, feasible, and acceptable to determine if they can realistically accomplish the goals. ·        Publicly thanking others builds rapport and recognition for their contributions. ·        Dressing professionally commands more respect and avoids missing opportunities due to an unpolished appearance. ·        Creating contingency plans called "branches and sequels" prepares for unexpected issues. Something being common or popular is not justification if it is unwise or against policy, rules, or principles. ·        He thanked listeners and wishes everyone a happy new year, welcoming continued feedback to improve guidance. ·        To close his message, Dennis recommends his book, "Find a Job That Fits Your Life," available at most on-line book retailers. Please subscribe, like, and share with your friends. I appreciate your support, input, and questions. Website: https://www.dennisguzik.com Pick up your copy of “Find A Job That Fits Your Life” by Dennis Guzik today! Stop wavering over whether it’s time for a big move - get all the support and resources needed in one place so can make the best decision possible without any regrets! I release a new episode every Friday, and each one is about 7 minutes in length. My podcast, Be The Ultimate with Dennis Guzik, is available on: Apple, Google, Spotify and many others.