Some Advice for New Leaders

Dennis Guzik, The Old Jarhead, gives career advice to new leaders who have just been promoted. New leaders should treat leadership like any other skill that requires lifelong learning. Suggests studying Marine Corps leadership principles online and reading books on leadership from recommended reading lists. Finding a mentor, either formally or informally, is essential for getting advice on how things are done specifically in their organization. The relationship should be respected with prepared questions. As the new boss, respect should be shown to former peers who are now direct reports. Their input should be sought while remembering the final decision responsibility. Tact is important to lead successfully in this difficult situation. I release a new episode every Friday, which is about 7 minutes long. Please subscribe, like, and share with your friends. I appreciate your support, input, and questions. Website:  Pick up your copy of “Find A Job That Fits Your Life” by Dennis Guzik today! Stop wavering over whether it’s time for a big move - get all the support and resources needed in one place so you can make the best decision possible without any regrets!