One Step at a Time

One Step at a Time Dennis Guzik provides career advice based on his experience as a Marine Corps leader, corporate manager, and current career consultant. ·         He discusses focusing on the first step rather than feeling overwhelmed by the journey ahead. Taking things one step at a time allows steady progress up the "staircase" toward one's goals.   ·         Guzik recommends having a plan but concentrating solely on the immediate next step. Getting each subsequent step done will lead to the top of the staircase more quickly than worrying about future challenges.   ·         For those unsure of their career path, Guzik offers his book "Find a Job that Fits Your Life" for guidance and says he's open to discussing any topics that could help people advance up their own staircases.   Please subscribe, like, and share with your friends. I appreciate your support, input, and questions. Website: Pick up your copy of “Find A Job That Fits Your Life” by Dennis Guzik today! Stop wavering over whether it’s time for a big move - get all the support and resources needed in one place so you can make the best decision possible without any regrets! I release a new episode every Friday, and each one is about 7 minutes in length.